Servis dan perkhidmatan memang mantap.

— Ahmad Faizal

Siapa sangka, menukar minyak enjin boleh menjadi semudah dan semenarik ini.


Most importantly short turnaround time and the transparency on pricing which has no hidden charges.

— Chris N

The best oil change ever!

— Lyod Chong

The attitude and services by DTOX team deserves my highest compliment.

— Montree Will

Their staffs are friendly and done their job in time as promised.

— Muhd Nurul Sholihin

great people, great place, great service, excellent idea!

— Daryl Francis

Really transparent, not something said about most service centres!

— Rick Tan

Great service with really detailed explanation.

— Daphne

Great service, quick, easy and friendly people. A very brilliant business idea which is well-received by the Gen Ys. We want everything fast and transparent. Two thumbs up.

— Jason Yap

Friendly crews, detailed explainations, major services in just 20mins!!!!!! Highly recommended!!!

— Fung Yun

Reliable for what i've spent

— Wunk X Rawk

great service.. went there on Sunday.. 10min and its done.. wallaaaa....!!!

— NaqiSyah Aziz

Excellent and quick service

— Lionel Fok


— Joan Luvfeelin

Thank you for your special services today. The information dats are given very helpful and your worker a also very nice & friendly. Thanks again and i am happy to serviced at DTox in the future From the Black Car.. kikiki

— Hidayat Lorannzo


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  • M7
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  • Panalite
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